Ganoderma in Varicose Veins Ulcer – Case Study 1

This is the testimony of a patient, Priyanka Bohra, who had been suffering from Varicose Ulcers on the lower leg since about 13 years for which skin grafting had been performed twice by a plastic surgeon, of repute, without any benefit and the graft had been rejected. The ulcers were gradually increasing in size and becoming worse, as well as severely painful and debilitating, over the passage of time. The patient was recommended to me by a  well  wisher of hers. She  was  advised  to give a fair trial, for a prolonged period, to the usage of Ganoderma and that it held a great promise. The patient was very reluctant to start the Ganoderma therapy, understandably because of her experience during the last 13 years. But realising that no other option was available and the vicious scare of the impending amputation, the patient and her relatives decided to try this therapy, of course with suspicion and hesitation. Over a period of 6-7 months the ulcers were completely healed and have not recurred since then.