Mushroom will control AIDS

Published in “Amar Ujala” on 22nd May, 2007

Basti : Killer AIDS, which many big Pharmaceutical and Research countries are trying hard to fight, will now be reined in by local Indian mushroom. During a research at the Industrial training centre, Basti(in UP), it has been found that the Ganoderma mushroom will prove helpful in fighting AIDS. National research centre has also verified this.

Research was conducted on 2300 varieties of mushrooms. It was revealed that many varieties of mushrooms have been successful in prevention of many killer diseases. Ganoderma mushroom is rich in proteins, vitamins, phosphorus and other nutritious elements because of which it is considered a healthy food. To encourage the production of this nutritious mushroom, Horticulture department has launched many projects under which detailed information and training is given for cultivation of mushroom. Four varieties are presently being produced at the Industrial Training Centre. The important Ganoderma mushroom will be cultivated in Basti. Immune system gets strengthened with the consumption of this mushroom. Margaret, a woman scientist from Zambia, is also working on cultivating  it and controlling AIDS with this mushroom. In this connection, Dr. Virendra Pratap Singh, of the Industrial  Training Centre has claimed that very shortly Ganoderma mushroom will prove helpful in treating patients of AIDS, Cancer and Diabetes.