Ganoderma in Coma

A couple of years back I was requested to visit a patient who had been in coma since about two months. The patient was a young boy of about 19 years. He was involved in a roadside accident because of which bones of his lower leg were fractured(broken). He was admitted and operated upon, under general anaesthesia, to fix the broken bones, in a reputed hospital. The operation was successfully completed but the boy did not come out of anaesthesia and slipped into coma. The worried parents requested the treating doctors to do something to help the boy but the doctors told them that there was nothing they could do.

When I visited and examined the patient, I told the relatives that they should take a chance with Ganoderma and pray to God. The patient was fed with Ganoderma suspension through the feeding tube. The patient wept on the third day, started murmuring a few words on the eleventh day and was on feet in about a month. God is great.