Motto behind is originated to bring-forth the ancient wisdom about GANODERMA LUCIDUM
( also known as King-of-Herbs / Miraculous-Herb or Wonder-Herb)

in an organized and cohesive way.
This Herb is accorded with these wonderful names based on strong evidences.
Many among us are unaware of astounding potentials of Ganoderma Lucidum i.e.
What it can do and How?
So Explore the Site and Discover the Hidden Secrets of this Wonderful Herb and make a move from Illness to wellness & ultimately from Sorrowfulness to Happiness

Ganoderma at glance

Ganoderma research

Ganoderma Research

During the last about 30 yrs., lot of scientific and medical research has been done on Reishi in many countries. Minnesota (USA) based Institute of Natural Products Research has cited its benefits in Diabetes, High Cholesterol, liver disorders, atherosclerosis (major


Ganoderma Healing Process

We are living in an environment loaded with numerous kinds of toxins, which is affecting our health through food, water and ¬†air, by playing havoc with our “Immune System”, The Natural Healer. The building blocks of our bodies are the


Life After Ganoderma

When a person suffering from some health disorder or disease starts consuming Ganoderma products, along with any prescription medicines, the cellular scanning, detoxification, regulation, repair and regeneration takes place. The whole process, at an average, takes about 1 to 3