Mushroom – a boon for cancer patients

Published in “Dainik Jagran” on 16.05.2003

Kaithal : Mushroom is being used for treating cancer and is proving a boon for the cancer patients. Scientists believe that there is a long chain of polysaccharides in mushroom which is helpful in treating cancer.

Dr. J. S. Parwana, an MBBS doctor from Patiala gave this information here in Blue Diamond Hotel, Cheeka while addressing the people. Dr. Parwana said that mushroom has been used since centuries as a food delicacy. It is an expensive vegetable which is cultivated artificially and is rich in proteins and vitamins. Because of this it is used as a complete food. Dr. Parwana informed that in the recent times, mushroom is being used for medicinal purpose also. In China and Japan it is used to treat many diseases. There are about 35000 varieties of mushrooms globally out of which about 2000 can be used as food. Other varieties are poisonous. He told that out of these about 200 have some medicinal value and only six varieties of mushrooms have rich medicinal properties. He further informed that Solan situated Government of India’s Agricultural Research and Education department has developed Reishi mushroom which is globally revered as a very important mushroom. In many states, mushroom is being used as medicine since centuries.

In China it has since long been used for longevity and youthfulness but now it is used for treatment of cancer also. Dr. Parwana informed that he has been treating patients with this mushroom and that he has successfully treated about 1000 patients suffering from diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, migraine, cancer, arthritis.

This meeting was attended by many people of the city.