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DXN is a multinational company  which was established in 1993 in Malaysia. It had a humble beginning and a steady growth. Presently (as on Sept, 2014) its products are being consumed in about 170 countries and it is growing at a tremendous pace. The reason for this phenomenal growth is the health benefits of  DXN products, which are prepared from natural herbs, like Ganoderma, Spirulina, Morinda citrifolia, cordyceps, Tea tree oil, Aloe vera, etc. There are thousands of testimonials all over the world. These herbs have been used for thousands of years. Scientific research during the last about 50 years has established that these herbs are very potential as well as promising in improving the quality of life, which is deteriorating  consistently owing to the lifestyles of the modern times, chemicals in the food, water and air, sedentary habits, taxing work environment and stress of the modern life.

The DXN products –  Ganoderma based RG,GL capsules, coffee, tea, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, oil, cocozhi ; Morinzhi (fruit juice of the herb Morinda citrifolia), Spirulina capsules, Tea tree cream, Aloe – V hand and body lotion, Aloe – V facial cleansing foam, etc. are not sold in the open market. For this DXN has appointed authorised stockists. The products are marketed through the MLM (Multi Level Marketing)  concept      ( also known as “Direct Selling” or “Network  Marketing”). This is the modern marketing system of the 21st century. In this concept, the middlemen of the “Traditional Marketing System” are eliminated and the financial benefits, which  were hitherto distributed to the middlemen (of  the “Traditional Marketing System”), are passed on to the consumers who recommend the DXN products to their friends, relatives, acquaintances and others, after first getting satisfied with the products by using themselves. It is needless to emphasize here that “you should never recommend a product to your near and dear ones, just for the sake of earning money for yourself, if it is not good and you are not satisfied with it”. If you do, it would be criminal. So, the concept of  MLM is – use the products; if you like them, tell others about them.

In DXN, one has to first become a member/distributor, under the sponsorship of an existing member who introduces one to DXN,  with a free(or nominal, along with a few products)  lifetime membership. After the membership, one is entitled to purchase the DXN products at a discount. Every time one buys any product, one earns points, PV(Point Value). In DXN, the PVs keep on getting accumulated. When one recommends the products to more people, they also become members, in a similar manner, under the sponsorship of the person who recommends and their PVs  also get accumulated. The Sponsor guides and helps the new member  on the proper usage of the products and to progress in DXN, if one wants to develop it as a business, which is wholly optional. Over a time, the accumulated PVs cross a certain mark (45,000 in India) and one achieves the first level of success, known as Star Agent. Gradually, one goes up the ladder of levels – Star Ruby,  Star Diamond, Crown Diamond and ultimately Crown Ambassador.  Eventually, one achieves “Ongoing  Residual  Income” which goes on and on and on. To achieve this, what one has to do is to use the wonderful herbal health products of DXN, get rid of one’s health problems and help others to do the same. In a way, it is a social cause. Money is just a by-product.

I  have been practising allopathy for the last 40 years (as in 2014)  but I got involved in DXN in Jan., 2002 because I was suffering from a problem for which there is no remedy. I took the DXN membership, to avail the discount, used the Ganoderma products, got rid of my problem and it was then that I started recommending the DXN products with confidence. I have got some wonderful results with this alternative method of treatment. Now I travel widely, as a guest speaker for DXN to guide and help those people who are desirous of living a healthy and wealthy life.

If you have the will I can show you the way.

Best of Luck.

Dr. J. S. Parwana, Crown Diamond (CD),  DXN Membership No. 099129614
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