Mushroom, a saviour from diseases

Published in “Amar Ujala” on 28.06.2012

Palampur : Mushroom will act as an armour for the body for prevention from diseases. This mushroom will act as a panacea for many diseases. It has been found beneficial for the treatment of killer cancer. At the same time it will save from other killer diseases also owing to its action on the immune system. Scientists at the Mushroom Research  and Education centre at Palampur Agriculture University have successfully cultivated Reishi mushroom. Because of its medicinal properties this mushroom has, since ages, been used for treatment of many diseases. In China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and North America, this mushroom is cultivated on a large scale. It is imported in India from these countries. This centre has used sawdust of mango tree wood which has been found to be more useful than Poplar or Sheesham(Indian Rosewood) tree. Dr. V. M. Sharma, Project Director  at the Mushroom Research and Education Centre informed that Ganoderma lucidum which is popularly known as “Reishi” has been successfully produced in this centre. He said that D.M.R., Solan  has authenticated the production technique. In this centre research is ongoing  on the medicinal value of wild mushrooms also. Two such varieties have been identified which are helpful in reducing stress. Research on these varieties is in the final stages.

In which diseases it is helpful

Reishi mushroom is helpful in the treament of cancer, chronic hepatitis, diabetes, heart disease, paralysis, ulcer, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma, hepatitis A,B & C, psoariasis, mumps, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome and blood pressure.