Arthritis can be cured with Mushrooms

Published in the news paper “Dainik Bhaskar” on 26.05.2004

Nabha : Mushroom is viewed only as a vegetable whereas in reality it has a medicinal use also. Diseases like arthritis, cancer, heart ailments, asthma, paralysis and epilepsy can be treated with mushroom. Yes, it appears that this is true because an MBBS doctor J. S. Parwana, chairman of Shradhanjali Charitable Trust, Patiala has rid himself of Rheumatoid Arthritis by using this mushroom. Dr. Parwana shared this with “Bhaskar”, during a medical camp here. He said that these diseases can be treated with the mushroom “Ganoderma”. He informed that he has treated many patients in his hospital with this mushroom. He said that there are about 38000 varieties of mushrooms in the world but Ganoderma lucidum is a specific mushroom which grows in China. He also informed that this mushroom is now being cultivated in Solan also. He said that this mushroom is being used in China for medical purposes since long.

He said that in India also the craze for this mushroom is increasing and a Malaysia based company, DXN sells various mushroom based products in many countries. He also elaborated that this mushroom is also used in products like oil, coffee, tea and shampoo. According to Dr. Parwana, cancer patients spend lakhs of rupees on tests and investigations whereas this mushroom can provide cheap treatment.