Mushroom treats diseases like arthritis, diabetes and cancer

Published in ¬†Punjabi news paper, “Daily Charhdi Kala” on 28th December, 2004

Ludhiana : People are gradually getting interested in eating mushrooms. Providing nutritious and delicious food for the vegetarian, this mushroom will also make farmers rich. Realizing the increasing consumption, farmers are getting inclined towards its cultivation. Mushroom acts as medicine which has the potential to cure many diseases.

Seeing the importance of this mushroom, its farming is being done in an organized way. In addition to providing good health to people, this mushroom, if used as a medicine, can be helpful in treating diseases like arthritis, sugar, cancer. In the market, generally white mushroom and Dhingri mushroom are available. It is very helpful in providing nutritious elements to vegetarian people. There is a specific variety known as “Ganoderma” which, according to experts, can cure many diseases, if consumed on a regular basis. This mushroom has ingredients such as polysaccharides and ganoderic essence which strengthen the disease fighting power(immune system) of the human body. One can get rid of incurable diseases like diabetes by daily consumption of this mushroom. In Malaysia, diseases are treated by using this mushroom. Efforts are being made to cultivate this mushroom at Solan. According to Dr. J. S. Parwana, he has himself been cured of heart disease and rheumatoid arthritis by its usage. During the last two and a half years he has treated many patients with this mushroom.