Ganoderma in Diabetic Foot – Case Study 2

This is the progress report of a patient, Jaswant Kalsi. The patient was suffering from Diabetes since about 22 years and was using Inj. Insulin, three times daily. In spite of  that the fasting blood sugar was never below 200 mg/100 ml. She developed gangrene of the foot towards the end of the year 2008  and was advised above-ankle amputation. On somebody’s(a beneficiary of Ganoderma)   recommendation, the patient was brought to me. The patient and the relatives were informed in clear terms that the toes, which had completely  dried up and shrivelled, could not   be saved at  all and that  efforts  could be made to save the limb, if God wills.  The patient was put on Ganoderma supplementation orally and the gangrenous wound was treated vigorously with profuse sprinkling  of  Ganoderma powder locally.  Presently, the wound is completely healed with normal skin formation. The patient has given up Inj. Insulin  and the fasting blood sugar is in the range of 80-120 mg/100 ml.