Ganoderma in Kidney Failure – Case Study 1

My first kidney patient, in early 2003,  was a lady, aged about 52 yrs,  who had since long been suffering from Bronchial Asthma and subsequently suffered renal failure and was on haemo-dialysis twice weekly. Renal transplant was ruled out considering the serious condition of her lungs(risk during anaesthesia). I told her husband that I had not tried Ganoderma on any  kidney patient(till then) but showed him a research report of Nagoya University Medical Institute, Japan and suggested to put her on Ganoderma and other  supplements and continue with dialysis, inhalers, oxygen(she was on oxygen inhalation 24 hrs.) and other medications in the meantime and hope for the best.

With God’s grace that lady was off dialysis in about 3 months and gave up inhalers and    oxygen in about 6 months. She lived a completely healthy life for about 5 yrs after that.