Diabetic Foot and Stenosis of arteries (blood vessels) – Case Study 3

This patient was suffering from Diabetes for the last about 10-11 years. He had also been a very high smoker(4-5 packets of cigarettes or bidis daily). He lost sensation in the feet, right more than left. In the beginning of the year 2013 he developed an ulcer in the heel of  right foot which refused to heal and was gradually becoming bigger and deeper.

A Color Doppler study was done on the right leg to gauge the arterial space and blood flow in the leg. The blood vessel space was found to be severely obliterated and the blood flow was seriously hampered.

He was brought to me. I explained the prognosis to the relatives of the patient and advised them to try the Ganoderma therapy.

In about three months the wound was completely healed and the sensation returned.

At the time of this publication, the patient is feeling very good and energetic. His relatives have been advised to get the Color Doppler study repeated after about 3-4 months time.