Ganoderma in Cancer – Case Study 1

The first cancer patient of my life came to me in Sept., 2002 when my experience with DXN’s products was about 8 months. He was aged about 60 yrs and was suffering from Adenocarcinoma of the colon(large intestine). He had remained admitted in a specialized cancer hospital for more than two months and had been administered chemotherapy and all sorts of known modern medicines. But his cancer metastatised(spread) to liver and vertebrae(backbone) and he was given a life span of a couple of months. On being informed by somebody about me and the treatment I am into, he came to me with all his reports. I told him CLEARLY and in frank words that I had not dealt with any cancer patient till that time but I had developed a lot of faith and belief in the healing potential of  Ganoderma during my experience and results observed in 8 months since I had started using personally and advocating it to patients, as an adjuvant and a supplement. I had advised him to start consuming Ganoderma(in high dosage) to live a quality life as long he lived and leave the rest to God.

In Feb., 2003, he had got his complete check up done in the same cancer hospital which had       given him a couple of months to live and he was given a report, ‘NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER’. At this time, January, 2014(more than 11 yrs gone by), he is living a completely healthy life.

In addition he had also been suffering from heart problem and had got done a CABG            (bye-pass surgery) and was advised many medicines for all his life. His cardiologist has cut down some of his medicines.