Solan Report about Ganoderma Potential

This report is published by an Institute in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India

Solan : China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia have been the only countries cultivating medicinal Reishi mushroom but now it will be produced in our country also. In Solan, the Mushroom City of India, its successful production has been done for the first time in our country. “Ambrosia Organoceutical”, situated in Kailar village near Solan, achieved this success. Cultivation is  underway here under the supervision of experts from the National Research Centre for Mushroom, Solan.

Till now reishi mushroom production was limited within labs in some countries. Its production technique    was popular in some countries of eastern Asia like China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand. These countries were doing global business in mushrooms. This mushroom has proved the mettle of its medicinal properties, in America and Europe. National Research Centre for Mushrooms, Solan had taken the responsibility for developing the technique of Reishi mushroom. It took Chief scientist, Dr. R. D. Rai five years (1999 to 2004) to accomplish this. Scientific name of rishi mushroom is “Ganoderma lucidum”.

The global business of reishi mushroom is worth 3 billion dollars. It is not cultivated in India. Malaysia based company DXN is having a turnover of 100 crores in India through its Multi Level Marketing system.

What is Reishi mushroom?

In India, Tulasi(Holy Basil) is revered for its medicinal properties. Just like that, reishi is revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This mushroom is hard like wooden  bark and bitter like neem(Indian Lilac). It is helpful in treating cancer, aids, heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, allergy, liver and kidney diseases.