Amrit Pal escapes from becoming Handicapped

(Published in a daily News paper “Amar Ujala” on Nov., 7, 2001)

“Quackery  is a danger to Life” is a well known quote since thousands of years. Despite this, even in this scientific age, ignarance leads people to risk their lives in the hands of quacks & illiterate road-side “bone setters”.

Such an incident occured in Nabha(Distt. Patiala, Punjab, india) where a five year old boy, Amrit Pal,  got afflicted with life-threatening Gangrene, due to carelessness of the family.

On 12th July( 2001), Amrit Pal fractured his left upper arm by getting hit by a scooter. His parents took him to a nearby “Bone setter” who tied some wooden splints on his arm. After a couple of days, the child’s left arm got severely swollen and lost movements.

Instead of learning a lesson, the child was again taken to the same “Bone setter”. The splints were removed and instead tight bandages were applied. Amrit Pal’s swelling did not reduce and the condition deteriorated.

Now panic dawned upon the family and they decided to consult a DOCTOR.. The child was brought to Dr. J. S. Parwana, Director, Harminder Pal Shokar Memorial Hospital and Research Centre.

After examining the child, Dr. Parwana informed the relatives that the child had been afflicted with life-threatening Gangrene. He advised them to take the child to the Government Rajindra Hospital for amputation of the arm, to save the child’s life. On persistent demand of the child’s family he agreed to take a chance to treat him. (But he informed them that the chances of saving the arm were bleak and that they should prey to God).

After a great effort and with God’s blessings, the arm started showing movements and  signs of resumption of blood circulation.

Till the publication of this news report, the child’s arm had resumed normal movement and activity but there was no movement in the fingers. Dr. Parwana says that the fingers will also begin moving normally in due course of time.

Dr. Parwana advises people that in case of fractures they should not take it lightly.