Red reishi

REISHI(Ganoderma lucidum) is a very rare and precious Chinese medicine (herb). Since Immemorial time, only royalty had the priviledge of consuming it.

REISHI with its medical efficacy was attested to the ancient Chinese medical text (presumed to be over 2,000 years old). The book, which is known in Japan as “Shinnoh Honzohkyo”, is now recognized as being the original textbook of Oriental medical science. There are 365 kinds of medicines that are classified and explained. Reishi was first categorized as a “Superior Medicine (herb) in “Shinnoh Honzohkyo” and also in the “Chinese Outline of Herbs” written by Li Sze Tsun of the Ming Dynasty. In both texts, Reishi has been ranked the Number One Herb, ahead of Ginseng which is ranked Number Two among the 365 recognized herbs. In “Shinnoh Honzohkyo”, six kinds of Reishi (blue, red, yellow, white, black and purple) are fully explained and the red one has been enjoying the most favorable reputation among them.

“RED REISHI” – there are no side effects, it cures lumps on the lungs, benefits the breath, increases wisdom while nurturing the body, cures forgetfulness, and when taken for a long time “keeps the body light and youthful like a god”( translated from “Shinnoh Honzohkyo”).

RED REISHI is referred to as a “Superior Medicine” because when compared to the ordinary medicine it has the following superior qualities:

1. Daily consumption is acceptable and has no side effects. 

2. Regular consumption of Reishi will regulate bodily functions to its normal forms.

3. Its medical power is effective in all organ functions.


 Physicians around the world have paid high attention to “ADAPTOGEN” , which is one of the healing properties that the Reishi possesses.

 In Japan, reports from hospitals and medical research centers on Reishi’s medicinal values have been astonishing. The whole mysterious character of Reishi is not yet known, but it is believed that the main medical function of Reishi is to aid blood circulation and increase the metabolic activities of cells inside the human body and also help the proper functioning of all internal organs. It can also strengthen poor health and increase the natural immunity of the body. It is most effective in the curing of diseases which arise from poor blood circulation. It also helps attain long life and beauty.


 During the early stages of consuming the Reishi, one may experience dizziness, sore bones, itchy skin, have increased bowel movements, hardening of the feces, and/or pimple-like eruptions appearing on various parts of the body. For some people, diarrhea may occur but it will subside between two to five days and thereafter will stop. The time frame may vary from person to person. The excretion of accumulated body poisons and vigorous activities of body metabolism are the normal signs of recovery and they indicate that the medicinal properties of Reishi are functioning well. Such irregularities differ between individuals and will eventually disappear as the body accustoms to the regular use of Reishi. Although, Reishi may have many physiological reactions due to the medicinal effect, it does not produce any side effects that are associated with most chemical drugs.

 The “recovery symptoms” is the normal response in medical treatments as stated in the old Chinese medicine text, “Sheung Shu”. Persons suffering from problems of the liver, kidney, stomach, intestine or pancreas, bronchitis, measles, constipation, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, headaches and other allergies will respond very easily with the above-mentioned, “recovery symptoms”. Such reactions are only temporary, lasting only a few days until the body adjusts to the overall improved activity from consuming Reishi. Daily consumption of large amounts of water is recommended.


Western medical practices base their diagnoses on examinations of organs and symptoms. Medications with known unwanted side effects continue to be employed as long as they can relieve the pains of patients.

 Traditional Chinese medical practices aim to cure by normalizing all bodily functions in a patient. It holds the notion that unless everything is put onto the right track, there can be no complete cure. Reishi normalizes the bodily functions without any side effects; it is used as a preventative medicine. This is why the Western medical practices have not yet valued the Reishi’s medical efficacy.

 Reishi has been treated as a preventative medicine against sickness, large dosages of it may have higher recovery effects. Japanese researchers continue their research on Reishi’s medical efficacy and firmly believe that in the near future the West will also value Reishi’s medicinal value.


 The consumption amount of Reishi differs from individuals. A pair (2 capsules) a day for a healthy person will enhance their immune system, aid blood circulation, increase and strengthen vitality and make the person less prone to diseases. An individual with discomforts should take 2 – 4 pairs a day and those who are suffering from terminal illnesses should take large dosage.. Reishi is also a dietary supplement; a high consumption level is harmless. It does not produce any side effects like most chemical drugs. You can consume Reishi even if you are on other medications.