Ganoderma Healing Process


We are living in an environment loaded with numerous kinds of toxins, which is affecting our health through food, water and  air, by playing havoc with our “Immune System”, The Natural Healer.

The building blocks of our bodies are the cells. The human body is an organized conglomeration of trillions of cells. Each cell, at any given moment, performs nearly a million functions, which are primarily categorized as chemical and electrical activities. As long as a cell is healthy it is capable of performing its functions at an optimal level. When the toxins start accumulating in the cells, the cellular activities start getting affected. Over a period of time a stage is reached when the cells are unable to perform their normal functions leading to the malfunction of the organ to which they belong which results in disease of that organ.

The action of Ganoderma lucidum is at the cellular level. It identifies the diseased cells (scanning), removes the toxins(detoxification), regulates and normalizes the electrical and chemical activities which results in repair and regeneration of cells.

With this cellular repair and regeneration achieved, the body’s Natural Healer, the Immune System becomes fully functional(Modulated) and  takes over the Healing Process of the body.