Ganoderma in Cancer – Case Study 2

A lady aged about 50 yrs had come to me in May, 2006. She had been suffering from Squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix for the last about 4 yrs and had been given radiotherapy with which the cancer had been suppressed for about 3 yrs. In 2005 the cancer reappeared in a ferocious way and she was admitted in a reputed medical institute. She was again administered radiotherapy in April, 2006. She developed vesico-rectal-dermal fistula and the cancer had spread widely. She was discharged from the hospital giving a life span of a couple of days. When she was brought to me she was literally a skeleton. I advised her relatives to give a trial with Ganoderma(in high dosage) and a couple of other food supplements to make her remaining days more or less painless and leave the rest  to the  Almighty.

The lady  lived a quality life for about 4 years doing her routine household jobs, thanks to God.

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