Fertilizers in Wheat

This report was published in a News Paper “Amar Ujala” on 20th March, 2006

The headline reads “What to do! The wheat flour chapati becomes Poisonous”

The wheat chapati(Indian pancake) for which a person works hard day in and day out, has also become poisonous. It has become toxic by the indiscriminate use of fertilizers to get more yield. Consuming this toxic wheat can cause Paralysis, in addition to heart and liver related diseases. In other words, the life-giving food is itself putting life in peril.

This was revealed in a research carried out by scientists at Chandra Shekhar Azad Agriculture University, Kanpur. 51 samples of wheat were examined and many toxins were found in them. Senior scientist, Dr. B. P. Gupta ¬†told ‘Amar Ujala’ that in 1970 only 10 kg of fertilizers were used per hactare. Now it has reached 120 kg/hectare. With this the average production of wheat has increased but fatally toxic micro elements in the fertilizers have put human life in peril. According to scientists, indiscriminate use of DDT, Lindane, Chloradane, Endosulfan, BHC, Gammexane, Urea and other chemical fertilizers are making wheat poisonous. According to Dr. Gupta, ‘no remnant of fertilizers should be found in wheat flour but up to one ppm has been found.’

During tests, CSA scientists have found Biorat and Chlorobenzene in wheat flour. Long term consumption of this wheat can be fatal.

The excessive and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers is also leading to reduced fertile power of the soil

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